I’m a College Student Against Free Tuition

The conversation surprised me a bit.

While discussing recent political events with a few coworkers, someone made this statement to me.

“I’m surprised you weren’t a Bernie Sanders fan.”

Bernie Sanders.jpg
Bernie Sanders

A little taken back, I replied, “because of his ‘Free College Tuition’ policy? Yeah no. I’m good with paying my own.”

“Oh? Why’s that?”

There are a many good reasons. Let’s start with the most important fact.
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6 Ways to Mentor in 2017 [Article]

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It’s something that I’ve been incredibly passionate about. Not many people really think of it (particularly in the church setting).

You see it all the time in the business world with older, more experienced people mentoring the younger. The experienced take young professionals aside and teach them, train them to be better workers that are more effective at their jobs.

Do you see this within the church? Do you see Christians mentoring other Christians?

Many people complain about the large exodus of “millennial” Christians graduating from high school, college, along with apparent “graduation” from the church as well.

Whose fault is this?

Some might shift the blame to millennials themselves for being unteachable. Others would probably put the blame on the older generations for not being willing to take young men and women aside and invest time into them.

I think the REAL truth of the problem is somewhere in the middle.

Millennials either don’t feel like they need a mentor or they don’t want to inconvenience someone who seems very busy.

Older generations don’t want to mentor because they view millennials as either unteachable or too busy to sit down and talk (even over a cup of coffee!)

Whatever category you are in, it can be a little nerve wracking and awkward if you may not know HOW to start the mentoring process.

“So how do I start mentoring???”

If you find yourself asking this question. I wrote a little post over on The Church Accords to offer some ways you can get started this year.

6 Ways to Mentor in 2017

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