Hello! Welcome to The Young American! So glad you decided to stop by.

As you might guess, I am a young American.

I started writing years ago to attempt to tame the incessant flow of thoughts, words, and emotions through my head.

I am currently using my (limited) time to study at University and learn about all kinds of cool things. And I write as much as I can.
As you read here, you will find I have many passions.

I have a passion for writing, reading, learning, studying, and knowing.

But above all, I have a passion for people.

My writing takes form in a WIDE variety of topics which include (but are not limited to):

  • Politics
  • Relationship Theories and Advice
  • Technology
  • Social and Culture Issues
  • Philosophy
  • Christianity

I will also share tidbits, photos, and videos I find around the internet that interest me (along with some commentary).

My main purpose here is to challenge critical thinking and open-mindedness.

I hope that you will not leave here without a thought provoking question on your mind, a new frame of thought, or a new positive outlook on the world.

I wish you the best!

Auf Wiedersehen!

~Andrew Miller


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