If We Were Having Coffee…

If we were having coffee this week I might pour out my heart and mind to you.

I might talk about the hardships of being a millennial in an ever changing world where college debt and uncertainty of the future hang over our heads as dark, formidable cumulus nimbus (storm clouds).

I might discuss the woes of the political world (while trying not to rant) and how corrupted and destitute that world seems to be. Both the RNC and the DNC were both disappointments to me. It’s difficult to see the hope in an untrustworthy political world that seems to sling muddy insults this way and that.

I would tell you about my frustrations with the apathy and complacency of my generation (and other generations) in society. How many of us believe we are entitled to so much and yet give so little.

I would talk about tiredness. And not necessarily physical exhaustion, but just overall tiredness of life. I would tell you about how (as we all often experience) life seems to trip a person and beat them over and over again while we are cowering on the ground.

I might talk about my frustrations with the church of America overall. It seems to have either sold out to the health, wealth, and prosperity gospel of the American Dream or just become comfortable with the little things it does. And by “it” I mean church-going Christians. Go to church. Or don’t. Because going once every two weeks is acceptable in the Lord’s eyes, right? Tithing little to none. Expecting other people to give to the Lord’s work. Expecting other people to serve, lead, and keep the church ministries going.

I would pour all these things out because these are a few of the many things that weigh on my mind. Once in a while it’s nice to relieve a bit of tension and just speak what’s been going on in the depths of my mind.

Sometimes that’s my only saving grace from the edge of insanity.

That…and a hot cup of coffee.



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