Solar Powered Facebook Drone Providing Internet Access to the World

It’s here everyone. The moment we all seemed to be waiting for. Well probably not everyone, but the visionaries have been looking forward to this moment.

Facebook recently announced the results of a two-year project they’ve been working on…a solar powered, WiFi beaming drone.

This is a drone designed to provide Internet access to the most remote parts of the world that do not have Internet access. The crazy truth is that even remote villages with huts for homes and dirt roads have mobile device technology. They often find power through solar powered charging stations in their village.

(You can watch the introduction video released by Mark Zuckerburg here. It’s pretty neat.)

The problem is not having cell towers or WiFi hotspots readily available in the areas around them (Starbucks hasn’t globalized itself just yet).

Mark Zuckerburg, founder and  CEO of Facebook, has had a passion for bringing the world together and connecting it like it never has before. The latest world-connecting endeavor is in the form of a drone.

This drone runs off solar power, which means it can fly for almost indefinite periods of time (it’s designed to be able to stay aloft for months). It runs on the power of about 3 blow dryers!

What this means is that more people will be able to stay connected with the rest of the world, to learn, to grow. And the rest of the world in turn will be able to hear about the stories and plights of the most remote corners of our human population.

There is only one concern I have. Should I be excited that they will finally be able to enjoy some of what “modern civilization” has to offer? Or will they eventually get depressed with humanity and overwhelmed by the cat memes, immaturity, and downright ridiculousness that comes from the Internet?


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